OPEN opens models in the modeling editor.


CC "Modeling" OPEN modelids:strValue [ with-submodels ] [ write-protected ] [ minimized ] .
# --> RESULT ecode:intValue opened:strValue invalid:strValue


modelidsstrValue, a list of model ids (separated by spaces) for the models that should be opened is passed in modelids.
with-submodelsmodifier, by passing the argument with-submodels also models referenced by the specified models will be opened.
write-protectedmodifier, by passing the argument write-protected the models are opened writre protected.
minimizedmodifier, by passing the argument minimized, all opened models windows are minimized.


ecodeintValue, the return value ecode is set to 0 when the models could be opened, to 1 if errors occured.
openedstrValue, the return variable opened contains a list of model ids that have been opened.
invalidstrValue, the return variable invalid contains a list of model ids that could not be opened.


Do not confuse with CC “Core” LOAD_MODEL!  “OPEN” opens the model the same way a user would do while “LOAD_MODEL” loads the model only into the core (which is faster of course.)

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Example 1

CC "Core" GET_MODEL_ID modelname:"Testmodel" modeltype:"Sample Model"
CC "Modeling" OPEN modelids:(STR modelid)

Opens the model called “Testmodel” of type “Sample Model”.  Either create such a model before you execute the example or adjuste modelname and modeltype in the example so that an existing model is opened.