DELETE_CONNECTOR deletes a single connector.


CC "Core" DELETE_CONNECTOR ConnectorID | FromToIDs .
ConnectorID :   modelid:intValue objid:intValue .
FromToIDs : modelid:intValue fromobjid:intValue fromobjid:intValue classid:intValue .
#-->RESULT ecode:intValue


modelidintValue, the ID of the model containing the connector to be deleted.
objidintValue, the instance ID of the connector to be deleted.
fromobjidintValue, the IDs of the source object of the connector to be deleted
fromobjidintValue, the IDs of the target object of the connector to be deleted
classidintValue, the relation class ID of the connector.


ecodeintValue, Contains the error code or is 0 in case of success.


Two forms are provided : Passing a connector ID or passing the IDs of the related objects together with the connector’s relation class ID.

See Also

Example 1

SEND "GET_ACTIVE_MODEL" to:"Modeling" answer:modelid
SET mid:(VAL modelid)

CC "Core" GET_CLASS_ID classname:"Aktivität"
SET cid:(classid)

CC "Core" GET_CLASS_ID classname:"Nachfolger" relation
SET rcid:(classid)

CC "Core" GET_OBJ_ID modelid:(mid) classid:(cid) objname:"Aktivität-1"
SET iid1:(objid)

CC "Core" GET_OBJ_ID modelid:(mid) classid:(cid) objname:"Aktivität-2"
SET iid2:(objid)

CC "Core" DELETE_CONNECTOR modelid:(mid) fromobjid:(iid1) toobjid:(iid2) classid:(rcid)

CC "Modeling" REBUILD_DRAWING_AREA modelid:(mid)