Attribute facets hold properties of attributes.  GET_FACET_VAL returns the value of a specified attribute facet.


CC "Core" GET_FACET_VAL attrid:id facetname:str .
#-->RESULT ecode:intValue val:anyValue


attridid, the ID of the attribute has to be specified with attrid.
facetnamestr, the name of the facet is specified with facetname.


ecodeintValue, Contains the error code or is 0 in case of success.


Facet names “AttributeName” STRING The name of the attribute.  See also GET_ATTR_NAME “AttributeType” INTEGER The value type code of the attribute.  0: INTEGER 1: DOUBLE 2: STRING 3: DISTRIBUTION 4: TIME 5: ENUMERATION 6: ENUMERATIONLIST 7: LONGSTRING 8: PROGRAMCALL 9: INTERREF 10: EXPRESSION 11: RECORD 12: ATTRPROFREF 13: DATE 14: DATETIME 15: CLOB See also GET_ATTR_TYPE.  “AttributeValue” any Default attribute value.  “EnumerationDomain” STRING Possible values for attributes of type ENUMERATION, ENUMERATIONLIST or PROGRAMCALL.  See also GET_FACET_ENUMERATIONDOMAIN.  “SystemAttributeFlag” INTEGER -- (not used) “MultiLineString” INTEGER For attributes of type STRING or LONGSTRING.  0: single line 1: multi line “AttributeHelpText” STRING The help text of the attribute which can be shown via the i-Button at the attribute field in the notebook.  “AttributeRegularExpression” STRING A regular expression which limits possible values for a STRING or LONGSTRING attribute.  “AttributeNumericDomain” STRING Limitation of possible values for an INTEGER or DOUBLE attribute.  “AttributeInterRefDomain” STRING A LEO text defining possible targets for an INTERREF attribute.  “RecordClassName” STRING The name of the class which defines the columns for a RECORD attribute.  “RecordClassMultiplicity” INTEGER The number of possible rows for a RECORD attribute.  “AttributeProfileRefDomain” STRING A LEO text containing the name of the table class which defines the attributes for an ATTRPROFREF attribute.

See Also


GET_ATTR_NAME returns the name of an attribute which is specified by ID.
GET_ATTR_TYPE returns the type of an attribute.
GET_FACET_ENUMERATIONDOMAIN retrieves the enumeration domain facet from the specified attribute