RENAME_MODEL renames a model.


CC "Core" RENAME_MODEL modelid:id basename:strValue version:strValue
#-->RESULT ecode:intValue


modelidintValue, the id of the model that should be renamed
basenamestrValue, the new name of the model
versionstrValue, the new version of the model


ecodeintValue, Contains the error code or is 0 in case of success.


The version can be specified in long or in short format.

Error code “52” means that the new model name is not unique.  It is quite typical and should be caught.

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Example 1

SEND "GET_ACTIVE_MODEL" to:"Modeling" answer:modelid
CC "Core" RENAME_MODEL modelid:(VAL modelid) basename:"My new modelname" version:"2.0"
IF (ecode = 0)
   CC "AdoScript" INFOBOX "The model has sucessfully been renamed!"

Retrieves the currently opened model and renames it to “My new modelname 2.0”.