DELETE_FILES deletes multiple files and/or directories.


CC "AdoScript" DELETE_FILES strValue
#--> RESULT ecode:intValue


<main-parameter>strValue, specifies file(s)


ecodeintValue, contains the error code or is 0 in case of success.


The files which shall be deleted are specified with the main parameter.  This can be the name of one file, e.g.  “d:\\temp\\test.html”, or a name containing wildcards, e.g.  “d:\\temp\\*.html”.  Relative paths relate to the current working directory (CWD).  If a (directly specified or matching) source file name is the name of a directory, a complete (recursive) deletion of that directory is performed.

This command works only with files in the file system, not with files in the database.  FILE_DELETE works with database files, but does not interpret wildcards.

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Example 1

CC "AdoScript" DELETE_FILES "d:\\temp1\\*.html"
FILE_DELETE deletes a file.