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ADOxx Development Tools and Services

ADOxx offers a set of development tools, integrated in the development environment and as web-based services on to support a smooth implementation of modelling toolkits.

Further information and access to the services is provided here.

As content repository to guide implementation of application libraries, notations etc, please have a look at in the community section of the platform.

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Development Tools

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AttrRep Preview Service

Development Service: AttrRep Preview


The AttrRep Preview Service allows to check and validate the graphical representation of the attributes and their arrangement in the notebook of ADOxx. The service enables uploading the library as developed in ADOxx and previewing the notebook as it will be presented to the user of the modelling tool. This functionality is available for each modelling construct (classes, relations) supporting all attribute types of ADOxx. The service is intended for preview and validation purposes and does not support the update of the AttrRep definition during the preview phase automatically (only attributes defined in the model-structure are accessible, new attributes can not be added through the previewer). All notational aspects of the AttrRep syntax are available in the service (pagination, coloring).

For demonstration purposes, the experimentation libraries are available below for usage within the service: