Development Service: ALL2ABL Converter

ALL2ABLThe ALL2ABL service supports the compilation of the library definition in ALL format (ADOxx Library Language) to the binary ABL format. A method engineer developing in the modelling tool in ALL format can transform the results of the implementation work into ABL ready for import into the ADOxx environment.

The service does not validate if the ALL development is valid and compatible with ADOxx, the integrated library checking mechanisms in the ADOxx Development Toolkit have to be used to verify implementation results.


Manuals: The service can be used in 4 straightforward steps using a web-interface.

  1. Develop library in ALL format (Syntax Highlighting for TextPad 5.0 is available)
  2. Upload the library definition in ALL format
  3. Compilation and transformation in ABL and download
  4. Import into ADOxx Development Toolkit

Sample Files: A sample ALL is available for download, further examples are available in the tutorial packages.

Programmatic interaction: On an experimental level, the functionality is also provided as SOAP based services (WSDL).

Development Service: ALL2ABL Converter