Development spaces on provide you with the possibility to discuss and share your development resources with the community. Such spaces are available for different domains, projects, application scenarios and implementation aspects of modelling tools using the ADOxx metamodelling platform. Implementation resources for documentation, discussion forums, code-repositories, team environments are provided to the host of a space.

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ADOxx ALL Repository

The AutoPDP Tool Packaging Service is a web service that allows method engineers of the ADOxx community to easily build their own modelling tools based on their methods developed on the ADOxx platform.

The library as developed using the ADOxx Development Toolkit is furher enriched by product relevant information such as naming, icons, splash screens, manuals and example  models and packaged as an installer archive. The service combines and validates all available inputs (using default information for missing blocks), integrates all elements and provides the user with a "Installation CD" as a download archive.




ADOxx ALL Repository

The code repository collects implemention of application libraries, code snipplets, AdoScripts and other resources from implementation workshop and projects as examples to get the development work of your own modelling tool started.

The code repository is accessible as SVN - share your results by commiting updates/modification for others!

In addition to the library resources available in this repository, further implementations for review can be found in the research work done at the OMILAB.




ADOxx ALL Repository

Are you looking for extensions to your modelling tool? In this area we collect method and functional building blocks that enable standard functionality of the tool and the modelling language. The building blocks are documented as cases, demonstrating the functionality and its pre-requesites, source code where applicable to extend and provide your results back to the community as well as pre-build cases for download and review.


Do you have a building block ready to share? Get in touch with us to publish it here!


ADOxx Development Tools

The team support the implementation process in different stages by providing development tools. The tools are offered on free use, basis. Interaction components (web-service clients/stubs) are provided as open-source to enable the integration in external systems.

Additional, research-related services are accessible in laboratories working with ADOxx (e.g. OMILAB Services)




ADOxx GraphRep Repository

A collection of implemention of graphical representation from different scenarios and projects and are provided to the community as GRAPHREP code snipplets.

As a community member, feel free to add, revise, modify, comment and rate the GRAPHREPs available in the repository.