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BIMERR: Renovation 4.0
Join the BIMERR developer space to support the development of a Process & Workflow Modelling & Automation toolkit.
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BIVEE: Production Process Management
The developer resources in the context of the BIVEE project are provided in this development space. Become an active part in the BIVEE Modelling Toolkit developer community and join today!
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CAxMan: Business Modelling
Join the CAxMan developer space to support the development of Business Modelling Toolkit for Industry 4.0 !
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CloudSocket: Digitalisation of Business
Join the CloudSocket Developer Space and collaborate on business and IT-Cloud alignment using a Smart Socket.
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DISRUPT: Production Process Management
European Research Project on Factories of the Future. Model-based support to: “Transform Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 “and “Validate technologies in key industrial sectors”.
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École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Team of STI-DK from EPFL uses ADOxx modeltype of User Story Mapping method to deliver domain specific ontology for manufacturing companies.
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eHealthMonitor Developer Space
Join the eHealthMonitor Developer Space
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GO0D-MAN: Zero Defect Manufacturing
European Research Project on Zero Defect Manufacturing
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LearnPAd: Technology Enhanced Learning
The LearnPAd developer's space on targets the development of a process-driven modelling toolkit for public administration integrated with collaborative tools and services of the project platform.
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NEXT-TELL: Technology Enhanced Learning
Join the NEXT-TELL developer space to support the development of modelling toolkits for planning and model-driven design in the domain of technology-enhanced learning (TEL)!
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OrbEEt: Open / Big Data Management
Join the developer space for the OrbEEt project. This project aims to introduce an innovative solution to facilitate public and social engagement to action for energy efficiency by providing real-time assessments of the energy impact and energy-related organisational behaviour.
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PBL 3.0: Problem Based Learning
European Research Project on Problem Based Learning. Model-based support for the PBL_LA approach (integrating Learning Analytics and Problem-Based Learning)
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PSS - Business Modelling
Join the 'PSS - Business Modelling Collaborative Platform' developer space to support the development of a collaborative Business Modelling Tool.
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SIMVA‐SoS Modeler
SIMVA‐SoS modeler is a conceptual modeling method (in this version) that can be used to model system of systems concepts and their relationship at a conceptual level.
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