Development Service: EMF2LEO Converter

The EMF2LEO Converter Service supports the development of graphical representations for modelling constructs by a conversion from the EMF graphics format to ADOxx LEO format (GRAPHREP language). The generated code is directly integratable in the ADOxx Development Toolkit.

EMF2LEO converts vector graphics into the LEO language. The vector graphics that should be converted have to be stored in the Windows Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF). The EMF2LEO converter facilitates the work of the ADOxx method engineer in the way that simple figures can be drawn outside of the ADOxx Toolkit (e.g. Microsoft Powerpoint) and then be easily converted into LEO language.

The method engineer has to be aware that there will still be some work to do after having converted the Enhanced Metafile into LEO (attribute-dependent representation, streamlining, centering). EMF2LEO output is a LEO file whose content must be pasted into in the GraphRep class attribute of a ADOxx library under development using the ADOxx Development Toolkit.

Manual: The service manual in PDF format is available for download.

Sample Files: A set of sample EMF is available for download.

Programmatic interaction: On an experimental level, the functionality is also provided as SOAP based services (WSDL).

Development Service: EMF2LEO Converter