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Metamodel Landscape
5/28/14 1:27 PM
Dear all,

Does ADOxx generate a landscape of the metamodel (including classes, relations and attribute Interref)?

Thank you in advance,

RE: Metamodel Landscape
6/4/14 8:46 AM as a reply to Emanuele Laurenzi.
Dear Emanuele,

there are different implementations that you could use a starting point:

a) Metamodel Level - Graphical

Please find in the application library repository the ABL file that contains a version to generate the views as known for the starting point libraries. This library provides means to model a modelling language using class diagram-like representation. The example model package (as ADL) also contains a template incl. the legend of elements.


b) Metamodel Level - Graphical
At an experimental stage, you can find the OMI service to generate the graphics on the fly. Please see the service deployed at OMILAB including different examples of already run analysis


c) Metamodel Level - Textual

At an experimental stage, you can find the metamodel report generator as an OMI service Please see the service deployed at OMILAB at the URL below


d) Model Level - Graphical
This implementation is based on model content and generates a 2D representation of all instances, relations, interrefs within a set of models.