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Cooperate Decision Making

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Cooperate Decision Making
9/26/14 2:25 PM
The following package provides the realization of a modeling method which enables  cooperative decision making in virtual enterprises. It is shown how to inherit classes and relation classes from the ADOxx Meta Model and how to add/configure attributes. 

he scenario consisits of two parts. Part I discusses some conceptual aspects of the implementation of a modeling language with ADOxx. In particular we show how to map the generic ADOxx Meta2Model to a concrete modeling language. Part II provides a step-by-step hands-on guide for the realization.

              Cooperate Decision Making.pdf 
     Example Model:

ADOxx Realization HANDS-ON:
  1. Development of a modelling method in ADOxx for Virtual Enterprises including a model type „thread model“. 
  2. Development of "Cooperative Decision" mechanisms in ADOxx enables modelling „thread models“ with
    making decisions on the relevant information of the models cooperatively, with AdoScript.