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Partly Resize of Object?

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Partly Resize of Object?
community graphrep documentation
3/27/14 12:31 PM
As in UML Sequence Diagram some of the objects are represented as vertical dashed lines, have their name displayed at the top of this line (lifelines). Such objects also have a rectangle on top of the line showing the activation of the lifeline. Is it possible to resize this rectangle on top of the object without changing object's size itself? The implementation already includes GraphRep TABLE to keep this rectangle proportional and allow only height, not width, adjustments to the object.

RE: Partly Resize of Object?
3/19/13 12:33 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
The command: "STRETCH off" removes the resize functionality from following elements. In order to have a proper re-caclulation, add "smart-symbol-size" to the GRAPHREP definition element on top.
 1GRAPHREP sizing:asymmetrical smart-symbol-size
 2SHADOW off
 3PEN w:0.05cm color:black
 4FILL color:white
 5RECTANGLE x:-1.4cm y:-.7cm w:2.8cm h:1.4cm
 6ATTR "Name" y:.8cm w:c:2.8cm h:t
 8TABLE x:-1.4cm y:-.7cm w:2.8cm h:1.4cm cols:1 rows:1
10FILL color:$f0f0e0
11ELLIPSE x: (tabx1 + .4cm) y: (taby0 + .3cm) rx:.2cm ry:.2cm
12LINE x1:0 y1: (taby1) x2:0 y2 : (taby1+10cm)

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