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[adbinst-18] during Installation Process

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[adbinst-18] during Installation Process
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7/11/17 1:24 PM
The installation went ok, although at the end I did get an error message [adbinst-18] saying "The selected database does not exist or has not been catalogued yet.". After that, the message "ADOxx successfully installed!" poped out and the instalation was done. Now, when I try to open the ADOxx Development Toolkit, after entering the username and password, the error message [alogin-05] (Database "adoxxdb" does not exist!) is poping out. How can I fix this?
Attachments: Q_II_alogin-05.jpeg (54.9k)

RE: [adbinst-18] during Installation Process
6/12/13 7:41 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
There are two possible causes for the error messages that you mentioned.

A. The first one is an inconsistency between the "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting (that can be found in the "Administrative" tab of the "Region and Language" settings (Start -> Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Region and Language -> Administrative) and the collation name of the SQL Server instance that you are using for ADOxx (Use SQL Server MAnagement Studio to connect to the SQL Server instance -> right click on the SQL Server instance -> Properties -> General -> Server Collation)
(see attached screen clips for details)

B. The second possible cause is a firewall program running on your computer that may block access to the ODBC datasource and the creation of a new database would fail with error [adbinst-18]. Also login to an existing database might fail with error [alogin-05].


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