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Follow Up "Multiple Inheritance": Placement of AdoScripts

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Follow Up "Multiple Inheritance": Placement of AdoScripts
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3/27/14 11:16 AM
This question was raised after analysing the FAQ entry Multiple Inheritance and proceeding with solution 2.

Where can I find / have to place the implemented ADOscripts in a library?

RE: Placement of AdoScripts
7/26/13 10:42 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
For more details how to invoke AdoScripts in a library, please refer to the latest tutorial for “Method Engineers” and have a look in the slide set about “Mechanisms and Algorithms”.

In the attached sample, we placed the ADOscrits in the LIBRARY ATTRIBUTE “External Coupling” of the Dynamic Library. To accomplish this by yourself please follow the steps below:
(1) Login to the Development toolkit
(2) Switch to the Library Management component
(3) Click on the Dynamic Library of your application library
(4) Click on the “Library Attribute” button
(4) Select the chapter “Add-On and finally
(5) open the editor for “External Coupling” with the small icon in the top right corner.

A sample implementation can be downloaded in Solution Sample 2b V2: DOWNLOAD