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Writing rotated text

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Writing rotated text
3/24/21 2:06 PM
Dear all,
we have went through GraphRep syntax but cannot find an option to rotate a text or to write rotated text on a model.
Are we missing something? Is there a workaround that would enable us to do this?
Thank you in advance!

RE: Writing rotated text
3/24/21 2:25 PM as a reply to Zlatko Stapic.
Dear Zlatko Stapic,

a very simple workaround is the creation of an image showing the text and simply rotating the image. For instance, you can create a textbox in PowerPoint, rotate this text box and save it as an image.
More details on how to integrate an image in a Graphrep can be found here: https://www.adoxx.org/live/faq/-/message_boards/message/709471.

Please get in touch with us if you should have any further questions: faq@adoxx.org.

Best regards,
the ADOxx.org Team

RE: Writing rotated text
3/25/21 9:04 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
Dear all,
thank you very much for your fast feedback. I understand the proposal, however, we have to write rotated text dynamically, depnding on the attributes defined in the model.
Would this mean that we can create an image dynamically and rotate it in GraphRep, or should I have an external webservice creating an image for me and delivering it to the model?
If the second one is the answer, do you have an example of receiving and image from the API and displaying it in the model?