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Change font in the GraphRep

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Change font in the GraphRep
community graphrep documentation
3/27/14 11:13 AM
Hi all.

Could you please tell me how can I have a different font for the name attribute and for the text into the graph?

RE: Change font in the GraphRep
7/26/13 4:51 AM as a reply to Anonymous.

for changind the font settings used for displaying various texts in the graphical representation of a class, you have to use the statement FONT. The FONT statement must be placed before the ATTR or TEXT statement and has the following syntax:

1FONT [ strExpr ] [ h: measureExpr ] FontStyle [ color: ColorSpecOrExpr ] [ line-orientation: realExpr ]

- the term strExpr following the word FONT is a string expression containing the font name ,like "Helvetica", "Times New Roman", "Arial" and so on
- the value of the parameter h: specifies the font's height; the accepted measuring units are pt or cm
- the value of the parameter color: specifies the color of the font and it may be an integer expression, a string name of a color or an RGB representation
- term FontStyle specifies the style of the font and may have one of the following values: bold, underline, strikeout, italic, outline, shadow
- the parameter line-orientation: specifies the text angle in degrees relative to the standard (horizontal left-to-right)
All fonts available in the operating system can be used. Default is "Helvetica" 10pt.

FONT "Arial" style:"bold" h:9.0pt color: ("forestgreen")
FONT "Times New Roman" h:2cm line-orientation:90 style:"outline" color:$000080