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Scope of ADOscript in PROGRAMCALL attribute

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Dear all,

just some hints on how to use ADOscripts in the PROGRAMCALL attribute - as I found no information in the forum on this so far, I thought it may be useful to share the following information:

If you execute ADOscript scripts in a PROGRAMCALL attribute, make sure that you set the right scope for them.

In particular, if you use something like:

ITEM "Überprüfung"
CC "AdoScript" FREAD file:"C:\\Temp\\check_availability.asc"
EXECUTE (text) scope:same

Here, it is necessary to explicitly set the scope for the EXECUTE statement - otherwise the pre-defined variables (e.g. objid for the current instance where the PROGRAMCALL attribute is located) are not available in the executing ADOscript.

Took me a while to find out ;-) - hope it helps.