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Error asqladm-11 during installation

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Error asqladm-11 during installation
community webinar installation
7/11/17 1:21 PM
a user of our ADOxx-based modeling tool reported an asqladm-11 error during installation (Windows 7 64bit, MS SQL Server 2005 Express). We've had the same error report two or three times over the last two years. Neither could we reproduce the problem nor solve it, but it It seems that this error also affected the ADONIS Community Edition (see this extensive thread on the ADONIS Community Forum). 

For clarification: I'm not referring to the installtion of the ADOxx toolkit, but to the installation of the packaged modeling tool.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,

RE: Error asqladm-11 during installation
3/10/15 7:49 AM as a reply to Stefan Hofer.
Dear Stefan,

the problem relates to issues of the user/database instance that is used internally in ADOxx (and all tools developed on top of the platform) to connect via ODBC to the database. The possible reasons for the error are listed below:
  1. Password problem: A password change has been applied on platform level for this SQL user to comply with database vendors security policies. This applies mainly for tools developed on a platform version before those available on ADOxx.org, potenially within a project at the Open Model Initiative Laboratory. On previous versions a short password was used by default that did not meet the password requirements of Microsoft policies
    Remove the database instance that is used for the the ADOxx-based product and install the oldest (=lowest version number in "version.txt" file within the installation directory) first. New versions are back-ward compatible.
  2. Database name contains special characters: the database name used during installation contains special characters that prevent connection via ODBC
    Solution: Do not use special characters for the database name
  3. Free space for creation of database not available: the error could also indicate that there is not enough space available on the harddrive to setup the database
    Solution: Free up some space on your hard-drive, have a look at the system requirement for details on needed space (http://www.adoxx.org/live/hardware_software-requirements-15)
  4. Named instance used: this issues relates to usage of a named instance and applies for previous versions of ADOxx
    Solution: please contact us in case this has happened, we would propose to upgrade the tool then to the newest platform version
  5. Too restrictive anti-virus software: too restrictive anti-virus software may prevent the creation of the database.
    Solution: Configure your anti-virus software to allow SQL communication
  6. Windows registry for SQL server corrupted: the installation and/or previous uninstallation of SQL servers on the PC did not complete correctly, resulting in invalid entries in the Windows registry
    Solution: Make sure to completely remove SQL server, potentially fix the registry using support tools and guides by Microsoft
For the problem mentioned, it would be interesting to re-produce the problem and see which of the above bullets applies - my personal guess would be #1, but to verify that, please let us know the setup of ADOxx based tools (which ones) and the sequence of installation, in case applies!

Hope this helps - please let us know when you run into such a situation the next time to have a case that we can analyse, potentially also using a remote support session!