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UML functionality is not fully supported

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UML functionality is not fully supported
uml scenario
3/21/14 7:16 AM
After downloading the UML@ADOxx tool from the ADOxx.ORG portal, it seems
that the OMG's UML 2.0 notation is not fully implemented. Is there a
reason for this?

RE: UML functionality is not fully supported
3/21/14 7:16 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
Yes, this is correct. The UML@ADOxx tool we provide should not
demonstrate a correct implementation of UML 2.0 and has not the
intention to participate the discussion in UML 2.0.

The aim of
this version is first to demonstrate that you can develop a modelling
tool - such as the presented parts of UML 2.0 - with the ADOxx platform.

It should give interested users an idea how their modelling tools
will look like and what powerful functionality is provided by the ADOxx
platform. Therefore we propose to have a look at
this concrete sample to get an idea on the behaviour and performance of the resulting modelling tool.

the second aim is to motivate you in downloading not only the finalised
and packaged tool, but also the sources of the modelling method from
the Application Library Code Repository in the Community section to
implement your own modelling tool from that starting point.

the aim is to enter the discussion on provided functionality from ADOxx
for your modelling tool and to ease the first steps in the development