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Installing error - areena.exe

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Installing error - areena.exe
community documentation development environment
3/27/14 11:39 AM
Hi together,

after installing AdonisCE the installation of Adonis Evaluation Chains failed:
An error message occurs during the installation of Adonis Evaluation Chains which is saying areena.exe is missing although it is in the right folder. After ignoring this pop-up the installation is going on and is finished. If I want to start Adonis Evaluation Chains the following message is showed (see appendix).
I can't copy the areena.exe from the zip-folder in the installed folder to solve the error.

Does anybody have a solution for the problem?

Thanks in advance


Attachments: Error Message.PNG (31.2k)

RE: Installing error - areena.exe
3/26/14 8:11 AM as a reply to Hendrik.
Dear Hendrik,

thank you for your message - since this discussion thread focuses on technical issues with installing the ADOxx Development Environment rather than tools developed on ADOxx (such as the two you mentioned  in your message), I am not sure if we can provide you with respective support here.

With respect to the problem mentioned, it seems one of the following things went wrong:

a) ADONIS and the Evaluation Chain Toolkit have been installed in the same folder. The files need to run the tools have been overwritten and modified
b) The package used to install the Evaluation Chain Toolkit is corrupt and/or the file has been modified through external intervention.

We would propose to proceed as follows:
1) Remove ADONIS and the Evaluation Chain Toolkit from your PC, including databases that have been setup (ODBC connections and DB instances)
2) Install a new DB Instance using the sqlexpress.exe file from the package in the Evaluation Chain Toolkit installer archive
3) Install Evaluation Chain Toolkit and pay attention to the installation dialog where you can select the folder
4) Check whether the installation process ran through smoothly and you can use the tool
5) Run the ADONIS:CE Installer -> this should create a new DB instance and drop everything into place, again, pay attention to the installation folder. For questions related to ADONIS:CE, please also have a look at the discussion threads at http://www.adonis-community.com

In case you have and further questions, please come back to us!

RE: Installing error - areena.exe
3/27/14 8:55 AM as a reply to Hendrik.
Hi Wilfrid,

problem is solved. The issue was my antivirus software because the areena.exe was detected as Trojan.

Thanks for your help