Existing Database Instance Installation: ADOxx 1.5

ADOxx 1.5: Existing DB Installation Guide

This installation guide is applicable in case you already have a running and supported database engine on your system. Supported database systems are listed on the hardware/software requirements page.
In order to perform this type of installation, the database engine must be up-and-running, configured in "Mixed-mode authentication" and the collation must correspond to the non-unicode settings of your Microsoft Windows operating system!
A. Prerequesites/Checks:
Steps needed before starting installation (resources, checks to be done).
B. ADOxx installation:
Step-by-step guidance using screenshots and text on how to install and configure ADOxx on your system.
C. Database Creation using asqladm.exe
Initialisation of the database using the asqladm.exe tool (part of the installation)
A. Installation prerequisites and checks:

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