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OmiLab Integrated Virtual Environment



 Olive is a Microservice Framework made available by OMiLAB

The main idea behind is that the functionality of the system is composed by different (web-)services, running in their own processes and communicating with each other using standard network protocols. This approach brings the advantage of absolute technology independence. The only requirement for services is that they can communicate in HTTP using standardized JSON messages (OMiLAB Generic Interface).

More informations about the concepts behind the Olive Framework can be found in the Springer book: "OMiLAB: An Open Collaborative Environment for Modeling Method Engineering".


 Core   Version      
  Project and Service Manager (PSM)   0.6.0   Download     Documentation  
  Activity Logging Service 0.2.3 Download Documentation
  Repository 0.2.2 Download Documentation
  Role Service 0.2.9 Download Documentation
  Download Service 0.2.4 Download Documentation
  Special Download Service 0.2.4 Download Documentation
  Text Service 0.3.3 Download Documentation
  Microservice Connector Service 0.1.0 Download Work in progress


Getting Started

Have a look at the Installation Manual in order to learn how to start.

Have a look at the Service Development Manual in order to learn how to create your own service.


Source Code

Olive is released as Open Source and its code is available in the following OMiLab GitLab repositories:

Core-Infrastructure Repository Contain the source code of the main Olive modules.
Services Repository Contain the source of the Olive Services (services that implements the OMiLAB Generic Interface). In this repository are present also services in early development stage that are not available in the download section but that can be tested compiling from the source code.
Tutorial Repository Contain tutorials and templates that will help in the creation of a new service.



The following tables specify the detailed hardware/software requirement to get the Olive Framework up and running on your system.

 Minimum Hardware Requirements


 Minimum Software Requirements


Futher Questions

In case of problems and for more informations contact us at faq@adoxx.org.