Developer Space: NEXT-TELL

The NEXT-TELL developer space focuses on the developments performed in the context of the project with respect to modelling toolkits in 2 distinct domains:

  • ECAAD Planner: a model-based planner for evidence centered actvity and assessment design
  • TISL/SPICE Planner: a model-based planner for teacher's inquiry in students learning and strategic planning of ICT in schools

The goal of this developer space is to open the implementation results beyond the project lifetime to interested third parties as a collection of implementations performed using the ADOxx metamodelling platform.


Project Description: NEXT-TELL is an Integrated Project (IP) in the ICT challenge of the 7th framework programme of the EC; its main objective is to provide, through research and development, computational and methodological support to teachers and students.

To bring about our vision of 21st Century classroom learning, NEXT-TELL will work towards these main objectives:

  1. Articulate a conceptual framework for designing and implementing methods that can be used to formatively assess ICT-enhanced learning and to negotiate the assessment process amongst stakeholders.
  2. Provide resources and ICT support for teachers and students to develop learning activities and appraisal methods appropriate for 21st Century learning based on this conceptual framework.
  3. Provide IT support in the classroom so that teachers and students have available nuanced information about students' learning when it is needed and in a format that is supportive of decision making, thus optimizing levels of stimulation, challenge, and feedback.
  4. Provide IT support for making students' activities in informal learning places – and in general in the "learning ecology" outside of school – part of ‘accountable work', thus building on students' interests, fostering their identity development and supporting their social networks.
  5. Foster in-service teachers' professional development by providing new methods and tools forlearning from students' learning and for learning from peers' teaching.
  6. Increase a school's capacity for data-driven decision making by means of leadershipdevelopment, including ICT support for the strategic planning of teachers' professional development.

Project Website:

Acknowledgement: This cooperative research project is co-funded by the European Union under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the 7th Framework Programme for R&D (FP7)

Contact: Wilfrid Utz (Email)