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3/29/19 9:25 AM
Hello all,
How can i define the source and destination of a relation class to point to the same entity?

for example                               __________  
                                                |       Entity      |
                                                        /|\         |
Thank you in advance

RE: Self-Relation
4/30/19 11:06 AM as a reply to Christos trikalis.

in my experience it is not directly possible to create a relationship from one object (entity) to itself. You need to introduce an additional node to which you reference from the entity and reference back to the entity.
                                                |       Entity    |
                                                        /|\         |
                                                         |         \|/
                                                         |_____O New Node

Have a look at the UML example there you find a class called associationnode in the class diagram that is what you need to implement in your scenario.

Best wishes, Thomas