Have a look at the Olive microservice framework; The Open Source Integrated Virtual Environment provided by OMiLAB.



Have a look at the following realization cases of modelling approaches from the research and industrial backgrounds to get your own development started.

Further usages of ADOxx are available at OMILab/University of Vienna: http://www.omilab.org




Watch the ADOxx.org "Hello World" Video ONLINE

As a starting point, have a look at the "Hello World" Screencast demonstrating the usage of the metamodelling platform ADOxx.


"Develop your own Modelling Toolkit with ADOxx."

Build your full-fledged, professional and personalized modelling tool within your specific application environment.

Develop your individual and domain-specific graphical modelling language, by developing your syntax,semantic and graphical notation for your modelling concepts.

Use vast pre-developed functionalities to enrich your modelling language with available or self-written algorithms and mechanisms to enhance your model editor to become a full-fledged modelling tool.

Create your own installable and distributable software package.

Join, contribute or establish communities at ADOxx.org or related laboratories.