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Failed to install Microsoft SQL Server

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Failed to install Microsoft SQL Server
9/25/15 10:57 AM
Hey guys!

Trying to install Adonis_Community Version.
Downloaded the software here, ran setup as administrator and got the error:
"Failed to install Microsoft SQL Server (instance ADONISCE30). Please check for erros and try again."
I re-downloaded and it still doesn't work.
I tried to download the SQL server manually but wasn't sure which file to choose at the Microsoft homepage.

Can you give me advice on how to either solve the problem with the setup or which file I should download from the microsoft homepage?

I'm using a Surface Pro 3 with windows 10.

EDIT: Just found out that the Windows 8 Express Server is not compatible with Windows 10, I am now downloading the 2014 version, hope that's going to work! ;)

Thank you in advance and greetings-

RE: Failed to install Microsoft SQL Server
9/28/15 11:15 AM as a reply to Hannes.
Dear Hannes,
thank you for your question.

As you are trying to install the ADONIS Business Process Management Toolkit, I would kindly ask you to get in touch with the ADONIS Community Edition Support Team/Helpdesk available online at http://www.adonis-community.com/.
In the support section of their website (http://en.adonis-community.com/welcome/support/) you can find documented support cases and also create a new ticket for your installation issue.