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Are there script languages?

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Are there script languages?
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3/27/14 11:36 AM
Are there script languages to program a CASE tool that activates models, defined by meta-models, load and manipulate the objects of the models from the stated repository, and triggers action routines of the engines for the tool?

RE: Are there script languages?
10/31/13 1:12 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
ADOxx provides three layers to implement so-called mechanisms and algorithms.

Beside the pre-defined functionality, which is a basic set of features most commonly used by modeling tools, there is the possibility to configure those basic features.
A sample is the configuration of the basic export feature to generate XMI files.
Second layer is to implement scripts like the aforementioned ADOScripts that provide about 400 APIs to the various ADOxx components. Those APIs enable for example the generation of objects, editing of the properties and the like.

Third layer is outside of ADOxx and three ways of interaction:
  1. The simple interaction is by exporting and importing xml files.
  2. A more advanced is the invocation of ADOScripts from outside ADOxx in batch file modus, or from inside the ADOxx with one of the ADOScript triggers.
    ADOScript triggers are menu bars, action buttons or events.
    For example an external tool can be invoked from an action button inside the modeling toolkit and the results are read and integrated into the model. Another sample would be to listen to a model-change event and then invoke external tools.

    ADOScript samples are in the slide package:
    http://www.adoxx.org/live/documents/10157/d228d6f1-309d-45a4-a9b8-aa914a0634af,  /slides/ file “Mechanisms and Algorithms” slide, 52pp

    Some discussion on event handling is in the faq. You may want to search for the keyword “event handler” to enter the discussion.
  3. Final there is the possibility to use Web-Services that enables the invocation of ADOScripts within ADOxx. Web-Services enable to implement a third party tool like a code-analysis and finally interact with ADOxx through the Web-Service.

    Two samples of interaction with ADOxx, one with MediaWiki and one with GoogleMaps can be found in the package: