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[alogin-22] Login Error
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7/11/17 1:16 PM
I used Adoxx three month ago for a projekt. Today i want to use this again, but this time there is a error when i login in. The error shows "A character set error has been detected with the selected database! ". I choosed the same database like i used before. Could you tell me, what should I do to solve this problem?


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RE: [alogin-22] Login Error
6/3/16 8:33 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
The error message means that there is a mis-match between your non-unicode settings and the database collation used. The non-unicode setting of your "Language for non-Unicode programs" needs to be the same as the instance collation used for ADOxx. There are two possibilities to solve this problem:

a) Adapt the non-unicode settings to collation:
Please have a look at the collation of the database instance. By default, ADOxx creates a new instance called ADOXX15EN with collaction "Latin1_General_CS_AS". In the PCs control panel, you can switch from "Non-Latin" to a Latin codepage (e.g. English), performt the required restart and re-run the installation. The drawback of this approach is that ADOxx won't store "Non-Latin" characters properly.

b) Remove current instance installation and create a new instance ADOXX15EN with "Non-Latin" collation:
Alternatively, and in case you want to be able to enter "Non-Latin" characters properly, please remove the instance ADOXX15EN using the "Remove  software" functionality in the Control panel. After removal has completed, setup a database instance with "Non-Latin" collation manually using ADOXX15EN as an instance name and (detailed steps are available here: and re-run the ADOxx installation.

NOTE: If you go for solution (b), you will loose all the content of the SQL server instance ADOxx15EN (e.g. libraries, models, ...). Therefore if there are some work, which you want to save before than please perform first solution (a), do a backup, and switch to solution (b).