Installation Guide, Hardware and Software Requirements

In order to run ADOxx on Apple's Mac OS, please take the following installation and configuration instructions into consideration. ADOxx can be installed on Mac OS using one of the supported virtualisation environments on Mac OS for Windows Environments.
The installation of ADOxx on Mac OS is performed in 2 steps:
1. Virtualisation Environment Installation
2. ADOxx Installation Instructions on Virtual Host 
In case of installation/technical issue, please get in touch with us :


1. Virtualisation Environment Installation

Software Requirements on Mac OS
Hardware Requirements (on Mac OS)

2. ADOxx Installation Instructions on Virtual Host

The installation procedure for ADOxx on the virtual environment is available for both versions released on the following pages:

ADOxx 1.3/ADOxx 1.3UL1

ADOxx 1.5

3. Demonstration/Walkthrough: Installation of ADOxx 1.3UL1 on Mac OS

Configuration Scenario on Mac OS using Oracle VM Virtual Box