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To demonstrate the use of the ADOxxWEB API, in this section you have the chance to evaluate its functionality using the REST and SOAP interaction protocols. As described in the Extend section, the source code is available in the SVN for deployment in your infrastructure or further modification/extension. As the API is generic, no modelling method specific functionality is implemented; for this demonstration, the BPMN starting point library (available here) is used without further modification.

The deployment for testing is accessible at:

Source code is accessible at: ADOxx Building Blocks/2 ADOxxWEB API/

Example applications that use the API are available at the bottom of the page as demonstration deployment and source code. Do not hesitate to connect to our SVN, update the configuration and implement your own application!

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ADOxxWEB API Applications

API Demonstration

The ADOxxWEB API can be tested and evaluated online. The interfaces are documented in the respective standard of the interaction technology:

  • SOAP Interaction: the WSDL files generated can be reviewed here. The WSDL are seperated by domain of the API (read, write)
  • REST: the WADL file generated is available here
  • UI: to simplify interaction with the API, the Swagger.IO interface is integrated.


API in Action: Basic Model Viewer

As an application scenario, this implementation uses the read interfaces of the API to provide a graphical model viewer over the web. The implementation is using JQUERY for the interaction and BootStrap for the UI.


Source code: ADOxx Building Blocks/2 ADOxxWEB API/ADOxxWeb Basic ModelViewer/


API in Action: Basic Model Editor

This implementation showcases how to use the write operations of the ADOxxWEB API. Functionality is implemented as a web-service that communicates with the API via the ReST interfaces. The following steps are performed by the implementation:


Source code: ADOxx Building Blocks/2 ADOxxWEB API/ADOxxWeb Basic ModelEditor/

  1. Create a new modelgroup "Demonstration" as a subgroup of "Models". In case this group is already available, that modelgroup ID is returned.
  2. Create a new model with the current date as the version number and base name provided as input
  3. Create the number of objects as specified in the input, align them horizontally and connect them
  4. Retrieve the model graphic and return
  5. In case the the "keepModel" parameter was set to "false", the model is deleted again.