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Dynamically get attributes of a class

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Dynamically get attributes of a class
community attribute documentation
3/27/14 12:28 PM
Is there a way to get the attributes related to a class dynamically during operation with AdoScript?

RE: Dynamically get attributes of a class
7/10/13 1:04 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
Two AdoScript commands can be used to retrieve the attributes associated with a class in ADOxx:

GET_ALL_NB_ATTRS returns a list of all attribute IDs contained in the notebook of a certain class or relation class.
1CC "Core" GET_ALL_NB_ATTRS classid:intValue
2#-->RESULT ecode:intValue attrids:strValue .

GET_ALL_ATTRS returns a list of attribute ids (separated by spaces).
1CC "Core" GET_ALL_ATTRS [OfModelType | OfClass]
2Option: OfModelType: modeltype:strValue [ with-hidden-attrs ] .
3Option: OfClass: classid:intValue [ without-iattrs ] [ with-cattrs ]
4#-->RESULT ecode:intValue attrids:strValue