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XML Export Plugin
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3/27/14 12:27 PM
A requirement in the project was to provide means for a XML based interface where the actual XML structure is not yet clear. Therefore the project team developed a plugin framework of transformation implementation that can be dynamically modified, enhanced and extended.

The basic idea is that each XML transformation plugin is an XSL file that provides the transformation logic. Please find attached the implemented resource for that.
In this case a default set of transformation plugins can be provided within the library and additionally, the user can develop and provide new plugins as required.

Attached to this post is the framework implementation as an AdoScript that needs to be added/integrated in the library via the "External Coupling" Library attribute. 2 default plugins are provided in addition to have an initial configuration available.

To include the framework, load and execute the AdoScript file in the event of "AppInitialized", the assumption is that all files are provided via the fileĀ  management of the library.

1ON_EVENT "AppInitialized" {
2# ....
3EXECUTE file: ("db:\\XMLExportFramework.asc")

Attachments: XMLEXPORTBarebones model.xsl (2.4k), XMLEXPORTFull Copy.xsl (0.4k), XMLExportFramework.asc (5.2k)

RE: XML Export Plugin
8/28/15 12:12 PM as a reply to Wilfrid Utz.
I would like to share my transformation for the XML Export Plugin in order to export a BPMN diagram in BPMN2.0 standard format.
The code is attached,

Enjoy emoticon
Attachments: ADO2BPMN_v0.4.xsl (25.6k)