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Extending ADOXX with custom DLLs written in FreePascal

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Extending ADOXX with custom DLLs written in FreePascal
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3/27/14 12:27 PM
One part of the project is to provide a possibility to setup and maintain a pattern repository to support the user in the modelling task. In the course of the project an extension has been developed using a custom DLL to support that functionality.

Please see attached the necessary files structured as a  tutorial, including the example ABL file and a FreePascal DLL project. The tutorial is rather a development guide, so it is kept to the information only relative to the problems related to the ADOxx + DLL development. It is assumed that the intended audience will have some programming knowledge, so introduction to programming is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

As a first step the DLL project must be built, then resulting DLL file (it will appear in the root directory of the project in the "bin" subfolder) copied to the installation directory of the ADOxx (most likely C:\Program Files\BOC\ADOxx13_EN_SA). After importing the application library and running the ADOxx modelling toolkit the main menu will have a couple of extra options - to show a message box from the DLL and invoke an object creation dialogue, which takes couple of parameters, then creates an object on the drawing area of the ADOxx. Such example demonstrates how to pass information forth and back between the DLL and ADOxx. Based on that any soft of functionality can be implemented in the DLL.

Attribution: Prof. Haris Mouratidis, Viktoras Malinauskas

In case of questions, please use this thread to communicate with Prof. Mouratidis and Viktoras.
Attachments: CustomDLL_Library.abl (11.4k), DllProject.zip (4.6k), Extending ADOXX with custom DLLs written in FreePascal.pdf (600.3k)