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Grouping of modelling elements in the modelling-toolkit

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In order to limit the amount of modelling elements on the left side of the modelling-toolkit I would like to group some of them (which belong together). So for example I have the general element "Role" and some specific role elements such as Nurse or Physician. In the modelling-toolkit I would like to just show one for the user on the left side while the others only appear when hovering over the role element with the mouse. Then a user can choose the element he wants.

Is this possible to implement in ADOxx?
PS: I do not want to solve it like the BPMN events where you have 1 element and on this choose the appearance. Because then some other stuff wont work anymore I think or is at least more complex. As in my case I also have different attributes for each element and want to "send" the value of these attributes to other classes.

See also the attached screenshot of such groups.

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RE: Grouping of modelling elements in the modelling-toolkit
mode library attributes
12/7/17 2:43 PM as a reply to Pascal Sibold.
A simple way to limit the amount of classes of a model type in the modelling panel is to use the Mode option in the View menu.
In order to define a Mode option you have to use the keyword “MODE” in “Library attributes/Add-ons/Modi”.

For example we have the following:
modeltype: Sample
classes:A, B, C, D, E
relation classes: anyRany, aRb

You could e.g. show all classes in the Mode called “All classes” and only the modelling classes in a Mode called “Modelling classes”. The code for this would look like the following:
 1MODELTYPE "Sample"
 2INCL "A"
 3INCL "B"
 4INCL "C"
 5INCL "D"
 6INCL "E"
 7INCL "anyRany"
 8INCL "aRb"
 9MODE "All classes" from:all
10MODE "Modelling classes" from:all
11EXCL "anyRany"
12EXCL "aRb"

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