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Script Execution Time
community documentation adoscript constructs
3/27/14 11:36 AM
We would like to sum up the time to get the durations for different parts of the script. Is there a way to cast the resulting time values to double/integer like it is possible to get it as a String with "as-string"?

RE: Script Execution Time
3/18/14 9:18 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
The getTickCount() function of AdoScript can be used, that returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was started. An example to run a comparison could look like that:

1SET t1: (getTickCount())
2# ... actual script that performs something
3SET t2: (getTickCount())
4# make it to secs
5SET sec: ((t2 - t1) * 0.001)
6CC "AdoScript" INFOBOX ("The computation took " + STR sec + " seconds.")