ADOxx Realization Case:
Event-Driven Process Chains



To start implementation and extension of the the EPC realized on ADOxx, follow the steps below to install and configure your ADOxx development environment, load the implementation from our community software archive and start your implementation work.

Debug and validation mechanisms of your implementation and changes are provided using the ADOxx Modelling Toolkit as part of the installation package.

A) Installation of ADOxx Development Environment

The ADOxx development environment is available as a free download from:

An installation code can be requested using the web form at:


B) Download and Import EPC Library for ADOxx

The EPC library is available in our software repository for download and installation.

The direct links to the resources can be found below:
Binary Format (ABL): StartingPoint_EPC_ADOxx_v1.abl
Source Format (ALL): StartingPoint_EPC_ADOxx_v1.all (to compile the source use the development tool at


C) Access Development Documentation and Tools

Development documentation is available as part of the installation. Additional information is accessible the FAQ section at:

Support and development tools are available at: