ADOxx Realization Case:
Entity Relationship Model (ER)




The outcome of the compile and package steps can be downloaded below. The implementation is based on specification.

The installation package provided could be a potential starting point to investigate next steps and further enhancements for your work with ADOxx. Please share your opinion, suggestion and feedback with the community, using the FAQ section on our page  for discussion.

A) Download and Install ER Implementation based on ADOxx

The ER implementation based on ADOxx can be downloaded from:

ER based on ADOxx

The installation does not require license information and is provided as a standalone package, including the necessary Microsoft SQL Server Express (Redistributable) packages.


B) Share your Experiences and Feedback with the Community

We invite you to share your opinion, suggestions, feedback on the implementation with us and the community, please use the specific thread in the FAQ section to get in touch with us.

FAQ Thread "Realization case: ER"

In case of additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at