LoLA ADOxxWEB Verification

DETAILS: LoLA ADOxxWEB Verification

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The LoLA ADOxxWEB API is an implementation of a webservice wrapper for the LoLA (Low Level Petri Net Analyzer) as provided for download ( To enable integration of the LoLA functionality, the LoLA tool has been compiled from source code and a wrapper implementation to enable SOAP and ReST interaction.

The implementation architecture of the wrapper service is detailed in this section. In case you want to see the source code in action, please go to the "Extend" section.

The LoLA Wrapper service is implemented as a remote web-service, that allows to trigger LoLA analytical mechanisms through standardized web-service protocols. As such, it uses an arbitrary installation of LoLA in a Linux environment as a basis (LoLA functionality and implementation is used as-is, the source code as provided online has been compiled and installed). Using a Java-based implementation, and JAX as a web-service layer, the endpoints are exposed dynamically using annotations for SOAP and ReST.

The wrapper service can be tested and verified using Swagger UI that provides a user interface for the service endpoint. This interface is available here. The SOAP specificiation (in WSDL format) and ReST (in WADL format) are accessible here for integration.

Service Interaction UIs

Swagger UI Service Interfaces

The license terms of used components are available here.