LoLA ADOxxWEB Verification

EXTEND: LoLA ADOxxWEB Verification

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In this seciton, access to the source code is provided. You can download the source package, deploy LoLA and the corresponding wrapper on your own infrastructure and change the way the wrapper service is working.

Source Code Access: ADOxx Building Blocks/6 LOLA Service Wrapper/

Tips: Please consider the following configuration entry in "context.xml":
  • The server must be accesible and the Linux user referenced/configured in the wrapper (lola in our case), needs to be the owner of the directory "/tmp/lola". All content is temporarily stored in this folder.
  • The LoLA service is installed on a remote linux server, communication happens through SFTP/SSH.
  • The source code does NOT contain the LoLA executable, further information is available at the LoLA Download Page

The license terms of used components are available here.