ADOxx Dashboard Version 2

ADOxx Dashboard Version 2


The ADOxx KPI WEB DASHBOARD is a web component that enables the possibility to create a personalised dashboard for Key Performance Indicators and Goals, defined in an appropriate model. The project includes a data source wrapper available as a REST service. This is used by the dashboard in order to retrieve data from several types of data sources (i.e. Excel, DB, Triplestore, etc.) through a simple JSON configuration in a standardised interface.




The Dashboard requires a JSON as input representing the KPI model, containing all the KPIs and Goals with their definition.

In order to simplify the creation of this JSON file, an ADOxx Library is provided. With this Library, it is possible to model all of the important aspects of a KPI Model and export it in the JSON format accepted by the Dashboard.

Download ADOxx KPI Library here

Download a sample Model here


The Dashboard is a web application available in:

An offline version is also available for download hereADOxxWeb Dashboard v2 Tomcat_Deploy+MSC.7z

In order to import the generated JSON model, you need to click on the import button in the dashboard configuration menu:

The dashboard can then be personalized by means of adding widgets, saving the current view, and filtering the results.





The source code is available in the public ADOxx SVN here: