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Connecting multiple objects on connector

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Connecting multiple objects on connector
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3/27/14 12:32 PM
There have been multiple attempts to implement multiple objects on the connector in the parallel fashion. This required drawing some lines, but problems with hard-coded lines' positions revented this approach to be kept in the code. Please refer to the attached image. While the connector is in horizontal direction it looks OK, but when this connector made vertical the object called "Security constraint 2" and lines connecting it to the connector will appear on the right-hand side of the connector unchanged. Ideally it would be brilliant if this object would go on right, but lines from this object connect to the connector. Is there a possibility somehow to implement such features (e.g. extra lines which change direction as connector's direction changes)?

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RE: Connecting multiple objects on connector
7/26/13 11:26 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
See detailed answer in post "Multiple Objects on Connector, Positioning?"