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Multiple Connectors between 2 Objects

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Multiple Connectors between 2 Objects
community relation documentation
3/27/14 12:31 PM
Some of the connector instances are required to repeat between two objects. For example, there is a message-link connector and ideally it should be possible to add many message-link connectors between the same two objects. Now the platform produces "amodraw-04" error message stating that relation already exists and forbids adding more than one. Is there a way to go around this restriction in some specific cases as this?

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RE: Multiple Connectors between 2 Objects
3/19/13 12:31 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
Due to the platforms uniqueness condition for relation classes, it is only possible to add exactly ONE relation of the same type between 2 classes in the same direction (as the described behaviour above mentioned).
This means that the intended behaviour can only be reached by adding new connection objects on the actual object. Through the “is-inside” auto-relation, it is also feasible to identify which object is on-top of each other. For this purpose the container object has to be derived from the "__D_aggregation__" abstract meta-class.