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Position of Endpoints (Start/Endobject)?

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Position of Endpoints (Start/Endobject)?
community graphrep relation documentation
3/27/14 12:31 PM
Creating new connector (similar to the Message" relationship in UML) it snaps to the object's top. Then the user has to drag the connector down to suite user's requirements. Is there a method to specify in the GraphRep where the connectors should attach to (i.e. positions such as centre, top, bottom, maybe where the user first clicked with the mouse - "free-style" like attachment?)

RE: Position of Endpoints (Start/Endobject)?
3/19/13 12:34 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
The position of the endpoints of a connector relates to the center-position of the end-point class(es). The center position is used initially to start the connector and this can be modified afterwards by the modeller by dragging the connector.
A Solution for a "bottom-first" implementation is to shift the center of the modelling class to the bottom of the object by adjusting the Y coordinates accordingly.