Overview Installation Guides: ADOxx 1.5

Installation Guide, Hardware and Software Requirements

In order to install ADOxx v.1.5, please consider the following download and installation instructions. The installation procedure has been simplified with this release - the installation wizard takes care of the setup of a new database instance (instance name: "ADOXX15EN"), the necessary configuration steps and initialization of the database/toolkit.

In case of installation/technical issue, please get in touch with us at download@adoxx.org
Installation Guides

Please select what kind of installation you want to perform:

New installation of ADOxx 1.5

Update installation (version ADOxx v1.3/v1.3UL1 available and running)

Installation of different collation database (Non-Latin Database Instance)

Existing database engine installation


The default installation uses "Latin1_General_CS_AS" as the default collation of the database. In case you want to run a different collation, please setup a database instance "ADOXX15EN" with your desired collation in advance!

The installation procedure is similar for all supported operating systems. The guides use Microsoft Windows 7 for all screenshots.