BPaaS Evaluation Environment Prototype

ADOxx KPI Web Dashboard

The ADOxx Web Dashboard is a web-based ADOxx component that provides the user the possibility to create a cockpit, using Key Performance Indicators and Goals that helps visualize performance.

Its main components are the:

  1. ADOxx KPI Model: an ADOxx based model for converting data to be passed to the dashboard
  2. DataSource Wrapper: a java based implementation of various data sources which provide data
  3. Dashboard Web Interface: visualization of KPI values for monitoring performance



The files needed to set up the KPI Web Dashboard are provided on GitHub: KPI Dashboard GitHub Project

Detailed Documentation and Installation steps are provided below:


Conceptual View 


KPI Model Component

This meta-model allows a KPI Model for the dashboard to be created with Classes and class attributes. The model consists of Goals, KPIs, algorithms, and datasource which helps transforms the data to the user's requirements. The model, in the end, will convert the data provided by the datasource into a format understood by and provided to the dashboard component.


KPI Dashboard

This web interface provides high-level visualization of the dashboard for monitoring and comprehends the data provided by the KPI model component. This dashboard basically consists of three widgets to visualize targets and goals of the ADOxx Training sessions.



BPaaS Evaluation Documentation


BPaaS Evaluation Presentation: VIDEO

Monitoring Dashboard Presentation: VIDEO

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BPaaS Evaluation - Presentation Slides: LINK

Hybrid Business Dashboard

The Hybrid Business Dashboard enables the visualisation of the analysis information via the use of suitable metaphors. Guides the user in properly performing the different types of analysis. 

For more about the Hybrid Business Dashboard: DOCUMENT

Broker Perspective - Evaluation Environment Demonstration: VIDEO

In order to use (user credentials on demand): SaaS Deployment 

- For the credentials contact: Damiano Falcioni (BOC)