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AdoScript Batch Mode

An AdoScript can be specified on the command line to be run during the startup of ADOxx Modelling Toolkit. It is executed after the initialization of ADOxx is completed. The AdoScript is read from a file or from the standard input stream. In both cases the -e option has to be set, in case of a file, together with a file name specification.

Example 1 - AdoScript File Execution as Batch

# Execute the AdoScript contained in startup.asc
areena -uAdmin -ppassword -dado35 -sdb2 -estartup.asc

Example 2 - AdoScript Standard Input as Batch

# Specifying an AdoScript via stdin
echo CC "AdoScript" INFOBOX "Bonjour!" |
areena -uAdmin -ppassword -dado35 -sdb2 -e

Example: AdoScript in Batch Mode

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