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Visualisation Core

The visualisation core enables the graphical approach of modelling in ADOxx. The functionalities are provided as a graphical model editor including the following functionalities:

  • Graphical presentation of models in the user interface: Models are rendered in the user interface in accordance with the GraphRep implemented in instance and model level.
  • Drag and Drop: Creation and Move, Delete, Edit: Modelling interaction support of instances and models
  • Cardinality conformity check: the cardinialities as defined are checked and visually presented on the UI
  • Notebook representation: the attributes as implemented in the AttrRep on instance and model level result in a notebook presentation on the UI
  • Grid visualisation, Snap Grid: to support alignment of modelled artefacts, the grid and snap-to-grid functionality supports the modeller
  • Generation of graphic files (bmp, jpg, png, etc.): models created in ADOxx can be exported in different graphic formats
  • Zoom functionality (zoom, world-area, right mouse, etc.): the modelling panel is browsable using the zoom and navigator functionality
  • Table based representation: graphical models in ADOxx can be viewed also in table representation and modified accordingly.
  • Page layout/Printer functionality: models are printable using the built-in page-layout and printer functionality
  • Connector behaviour: the behaviour of relations and connectors is globally available (presentation of crossings, corners, connector marks)
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