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Class cardinality

The class attribute "Class cardinality" contains the cardinality definition of  the current class. The cardinality of a class describes

  • the minimal/maximal number of objects of this class per model
  • the minimal/maximal number of relations of a specific type, incoming or outgoing from the object

If no cardinalities are defined then there are no restrictions for this class.

A validation of the class cardinality can be performed in the toolkit either with each save or only when manually selecting the function (depending on the customizing).
Please consult the ADOxx-Manual chapter 4 for a detailed description of the cardinality definition.


Commands of the Class Cardinality


The cardinality definition must start with this command to be valid. It has no parameters.

RELATION "RelationName"

Restricts the following commands to the relation class with the name <RelationName>.

FROM_CLASS "ClassName" / TO_CLASS "ClassName"

Restricts the following commands to relations with the class of  <ClassName>


Parameters of the Class Cardinality

min-objects / max-objects

Specifies how many objects of a class can minimally/maximally be available in the model.

min-relations / max-relations

Specifies the minimal/maximal number of relations which can be connected with this object from this class.

max-outgoing / min-outgoing / max-incoming / min-incoming

Restricts the number of allowed incomming/outgoing relations, either:

  • in general or
  • with a preceding RELATION command only for this relation or
  • with a preceding FROM_CLASS or TO_CLASS command only for relations to these classes.
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