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The class attribute "__Conversion__" defines and controls the conversion of a modeling object from one class to another.

When converting three things happen. First a new object of the defined class is created. Afterwards all attribute values are copied into the new object as defined in the "Conversion" attribute. In the end the old object is deleted.

The possibility for the conversion must be defined manually in the metamodel, so it can be used later in the tool.
The modeler can access the functionality from the context menu in the ADOxx-Modelling-Toolkit. 

Commands and Parameters for Conversion

CLASS "ClassName"

Specifies that an object can be converted into the target class <ClassName>. Several target classes can be specified.

ATTR "AttrName"

Defines the attributes from which the values will be copied during the conversion.


This parameter is used if values should be copied from the source object to the target object, but the corresponding attributes have different names. from specifies the name of the source attribute.

A detailed description of the Conversion-Grammar can be found inthe ADOxx-Manual volume 4.


Commands and Parameters for Conversion

If you define "__Conversion__" for the class "A" with

   CLASS "B"
     ATTR "ba1"
     ATTR "ba2" from: "aa3"

Conversion : { ClassConversion }
ClassConversion : CLASS className { AttrConversion }
AttrConversion : ATTR attrName [ from: attrName ]


means that

  • objects of   class "A" can be converted to objects of class "B"
  • the aa1 is assigned from A to ba1 in B as they have the same name
  • the aa3 from A is assigned to ba2 from B as they have different names.
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